Wildflower is sleeping right now

The Wildflower team spent March making a trailer in preparation to pitch publishers and see if we could get our project funded. We were very excited to share it with everyone. We teased it pretty explicitly, then went silent for roughly 2 months. Sorry about that!
The process of making the trailer and putting together a clear pitch forced us to realize that we didn't have a solid, shared understanding of the game we were making. We had a lot of hopeful features, mostly-implemented systems, a strong story outline, and various bits of content. In aggregate, the game was far too complex and content-dense for the team size we wanted to work with. More problematically, team members had different ideas about the relative importance of different systems, and about the overall tonal/creative goals of the game. Compounding this problem, we'd been working with a flat decision-making structure, despite having dramatically different contribution and experience levels.
Emotional exhaustion caused by overwork and poor communication lead a breakdown of trust, and ultimately we've decided to separate as a team.
We built Wildflower collectively, and have separated on the terms that collectively-done work may be built off of by any team member, while individually-done work remains individually owned. So what we've been calling Wildflower may become several projects from different team members, or groupings of team members. One or more of them may carry the name Wildflower forward. We're not sure yet.
For now, what we can say is: the project we've been calling Wildflower is sleeping, and you might not hear from us for a minute. These things happen, unfortunately. Be patient, and something good will come of it.
Anyway, we still have the trailer for the version of Wildflower we were making before things fell apart. Even though the game will change a lot, we want to share it as a monument to the thing we built together.